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“Wildest ride with the biggest kick in the ass.” Swamps, alligators, deadly snakes. Illegal fishing, bad booze, and a river they called Blackwater. It’s a place where a boy can dream…. The summer of 1965. That’s the year Mikey would never forget. It was the year he became a man. He’d been ten-years-old when Uncle Cotton finally managed to convince Mikey’s overprotective mother that what her little sissy-boy son needed was to spend the summer with a real man. Mikey was all too eager to comply. In their small Florida community, Cotton’s penchant for wildness had made him a celebrity, and there was nothing in the world Mikey wanted more than to get close to all that craziness and experience it for himself. Under the tutelage of this local legend, Mikey steps into a world filled with the sort of adventure he’d only imagined. But, by summer’s end, the innocence of youth is tarnished when a single chilling act shatters the boy’s idealistic view of his uncle. (Full length novel, 85,000 words, 400 page paperback.)



For twelve-year-old Eris, the future is a dark, scary place that promises nothing but heartache and pain. She comes from a broken home, prodigy of an unhappy, abusive mother. Shy and lacking in self-esteem, she is vulnerable to anyone who offers her attention, and soon falls prey to a man of low character. Darrell is the son of her mother’s best friend. He takes more than just a curious interest in Eris. Momma readily allows Darrell into her daughter’s life. Eris passively accepts this change, whether she likes it or not. She has not yet learned she has a voice. She sees herself as mostly invisible. She is driven to please to avoid rejection, which she finds as painful as her mother’s beatings. Desiring only to be free of the physical torment and emotional anguish inflicted by her mother, and subsequently Darrell, Eris wallows in self-hatred and longs for the day when life will hand her something beautiful. But deep down she doesn’t believe anything good will ever happen to her. The two good things in her life slowly become farther out of reach as she sinks into the mire of Darrell and his cruelty.
Eddie: the brother she loves more than anything. Grandpa: the only stable factor in her life. She will inevitably lose both men to the hands of fate. One through death, the other into the black-hole of that future-void she fears so much.

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