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If you like Thor or The Avengers, you’ll like this!
★★★★★  “Outstanding mainstream science fiction. Great start to the series.”
★★★★★  “E.J. Deen has created another compelling story to captivate audiences. An epic sci-fi movie in the making.”
★★★★★  “I haven’t been so excited about a new book series since…well…I can’t even remember when.”

His name is Kael Jai.  He’d been cast out from his own world after losing a long battle against the madman named Jindom, thrown to Earth through a portal, abandoned to fend for himself, alone and alienated from his people.  Alienated.  Alien.  That’s what he was considered in this world.  An alien.  An unknown. It was hard to think of himself as alien, or even different.  But to these people on this planet, he was an anomaly, something to be feared, perhaps even dissected.  The Priejsthaed had sent him to Earth for his own protection. They thought he would be safe there.  They were wrong.  Jindom had discovered his location and now Kael Jai must not only fight for his life but also find a way to restore peace on his home-world of Trinoor.  And save Earth from the powerful war machines sent there to kill him.

The people on the streets of New York City were bundled up against a frigid winter.  Small drifts of snow lay scattered on store canopies and parked cars, and puffs of mist hung in the air from street grates, building vents, and vendor carts as warm air met bone-chilling temperatures.  But the chill in the air didn’t bother him.  His internal temperature remained constant in most weather conditions.  His luminous green gaze scanned the crowd of people as he walked along the busy sidewalk, his black leather coat open, revealing the white t-shirt beneath. Snug blue jeans and a simple pair of black leather boots completed his wardrobe.  He wasn’t even wearing a warm winter hat, unlike the people flowing past him on the city sidewalk.  He wasn’t focused on them at the moment.  Anxiety churned in his stomach, a dread that had plagued him since he’d been dumped on this planet.  It was worse this morning.  The sense that something was wrong made him jumpy and hyper-vigilant.  He was supposed to be safe in New York, but he knew he wasn’t.  He would never really be safe, and he would never be able to shake the anxiety and the sense of dread that plagued him.  Not until he died or he killed Jindom.  That was his ugly reality.  The truth he carried with him while he pretended to have another life far away from his home.  His real home.

He could handle having been cast out of his home, but he couldn’t handle the fear of what had happened to his province since, or the thought of what would happen to these people of earth when Jindom finally came to kill him.  He’d been thrown to earth through a portal, abandoned to fend for himself, alone and alienated from his people.  Alienated. Alien.  That’s what he was considered in this world.  An alien.  An unknown. It was hard to think of himself as alien, or even different.  But to these people on this planet, he was an anomaly, something to be feared, perhaps even dissected.  The thought made him grimace.

It had been nearly a full year.  He’d managed to survive, keeping to himself mostly, and interacting with humans only when it was necessary.  Money hadn’t been a problem.  Their technology was still limited and full of weaknesses.  Hacking had become a must for him in this new society, and he’d siphoned enough money from a few billionaire bank accounts to keep himself comfortable and out of reach.

He looked human, for the most part, although there were some noticeable differences.  His body metabolized food differently.  He could conserve energy for long periods of time, build it, store it, and manipulate it. He could literally draw energy from nearly any source, including the atmosphere around him.  His body was designed to sustain itself on multiple levels, through food, water, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and from sapping energy from everything that gave off energy.

His eyes were different.  If one looked closely enough, they could see subtle differences in his irises and pupils.  His pupils narrowed in a horizontal, elliptical pattern at certain times.  He had night vision and could see as well in the dark as he could in the light.  He could smell better than any earth dog, and could hear several different ranges beyond human hearing.  He had no sweat glands, his testicles were internal instead of external, he had slight webbing between his toes, and his fingernails were strong enough to be used as daggers if he let them grow.  He didn’t. Let them grow.  He was trying to fit in not stand out.

Oh.  And then there was that other difference.  He had a retractable barb on the underside of his left wrist, complete with a venom sac that held enough venom to kill at least a dozen grown men in less than ten seconds.  The barb was not something he flung around at whim.  Instead, he only used it in extreme cases.  It took three days to grow another one back.

He was tall, lean but muscular, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist.  His skin was pale, ageless, although by earth standards he would be somewhere in his thirties.  He kept his blue-black hair cut close on the sides, leaving a wavy mass atop his head. His bright green eyes glimmered as if lit from within.  For the most part, he looked like a male model.  Between his looks and his six foot five inch height, he turned heads, which was why he tried so hard to be anonymous and unseen.

He was a bit psychic.  He knew when someone was lying.  He could smell it on them before the words left their lips.  These were all normal features on his home planet. But here…on earth…these senses were considered heightened, superhuman, almost supernatural.

He was called Kael.  It was an easy name for humans to remember, as it sounded similar to their familiar male name Kyle.

The Keeper KJbook23D

(Kael Jai: Book Two)


The Kael Jai series continues with the second book and follows Sylph, The Keeper, as he journeys to Earth to help save their human friends from a new threat. Kael Jai finds himself in the fight of his life when an unknown enemy begins invading his dreams. The device he left on Earth suddenly begins to send out a signal, and he urges Sylph to journey to Earth to protect Eva and Sam. But when Sylph arrives, he is stunned to realize that he is not alone on Earth, and the enemy he must fight has no name and no face. Incapacitated by a tech-virus, he is fighting not only to save Eva and Sam but to save himself and all that he holds dear.


(Kael Jai: Book Three)


In this third installment of the Kael Jai series, the unknown enemy Kael faced in book two has been unmasked. Now Kael Jai knows the name of his enemy, but that doesn’t make his battle any easier. In this action-packed book, Kael struggles to keep his newly formed government together while protecting the people of his planet. Two of his best warriors are still stuck on Earth, and the virus that has crippled their technology has cut off all communication with them. Kael has no idea if they are even still alive. He sends two warriors to Earth to find them and, if they are still alive, to bring them home. When Aniya finally returns with Eva and Sam, she does not bring good news. Kael learns that he is not fighting just one enemy but many, and worst of all, Sylph has vanished. Kael must now fight to save his loyal Keeper, and his planet, from one of the most deadly assassins Trinoor has ever known.

KJ43DThe Wy’tche

(Kael Jai: Book Four)


Kael’s most trusted protector has been taken, and his home planet of Trinoor is still in the grips of the tech-virus unleashed by his brother Fyth. In the fourth installation of the Kael Jai series, Raef’s genetically enhanced wy’tche allies with Fyth to mastermind the capture of Kael Jai himself. With their technology crippled, Kael’s new army struggles to free him. If he survives Fyth’s prison and the beatings he receives daily, Kael’s only chance to save Sylph, and his world, may be to kill his own brother.




Elliott Grey refuses to believe. As a top-notch journalist for a Seattle-based magazine, he is trained to have an open mind. But he simply refuses to believe extraterrestrials actually exist. After a disturbing interview with a man who claims to have been abducted by aliens, Elliott is plagued by nightmares of his own abduction. Terrorized and tortured by entities he cannot understand, Elliot has come face to face with his unbelief. He is a marked man, and he soon learns it is futile to run. There is no escaping the malevolent force that has targeted him. He can trust no one, no thing. Only himself.




The year 14, after the revolt…. He came to salvage what was left of the country, but the country didn’t want saving. He’d been alone for so long that he’d almost forgotten his own name. They called him Zach. It’s all anyone needs to know about him. He’s a bounty hunter with a price on his head, put there by those malevolent factions that now rule the New Society. Genetically altered to resist the plague that is decimating the world, he is the only hope of a country in turmoil. Marked by blood spilled during the revolt, scarred and battle weary, he lives as a recluse. But when a young girl is victimized by his worst enemy, Zach rises to the cry for justice and takes his revenge on the man responsible. The world may never be the same again, but the fight for human life will always remain. (Full-length novel, 85,000 words, 400 page paperback.)




Angelique Hunter is running for her life, hiding in plain sight.

Angelique Hunter works for a cutting edge robotics company programming and designing some of the most lifelike robots in the world. She’s spent her life working to achieve her goals, only to realize that her skills have been used to build a killing machine. Now she’s running for her life, hiding in plain sight, and praying that no one discovers her secret.

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